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2010 Refrigeration - part of the Exhibitor List
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【Network】 HC HVAC April in Beijing spring, warmth fills the air, after the lapse of five years, twenty-first "International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing Exhibition" in 2010 on April 7 to 9 high-profile return to Beijing again, and the China International Exhibition Centre, held a grand new museum.

Premier team debut show to promote green ideas

This exhibition once again return to Beijing, much industry attention and manufacturers expect, the majority of companies participating in exhibitions to show particularly high enthusiasm. The exhibition in the new International Exhibition of E1, E2, W1, W1, W2, W3, W4, held six exhibition hall, an area of 70,000 square meters.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W4B68
A Fullers insulation material (Guangzhou / Suzhou) Co., Ltd. W1J81
UAE Younigefu Development Co., Ltd. W3C08
Yiheng Da Technology Co., Ltd. W2A28
AO Smith Electrical Products Co., Ltd. W2B51
Oriental Love Fake vacuum (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. W4D46
Angu Slovak Ecological Environmental Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. W3C05
Anhui Ningguo Long Electric Co., Ltd. E2B27 Chi
Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. W1B02
Anshan Ltd E2C48 solenoid valve
ADA Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch W1B30
Allsburg ventilation equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. W4E81
Central air conditioning W2B61 Aucma
Australian Blue (Fujian) Co., Ltd. W1K91
Century Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E1D91 Taikang
100 Swiss Air Treatment Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. E2E61
Bai Shi Yue Building Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. W1G80
Beijing Security Department of Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. E2A24
Beijing Olympics so China Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. W3B61
Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Bosi Dun W3G18
Glacier Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment Co. E1C15 Beijing
Beijing tip of refrigeration and air conditioning Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. W3D91
Beijing Chaoyang new refrigeration equipment factory E1D21
Creative Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Bo W1G51
Beijing Tai Mei Business Consulting Co., Ltd. - Solar Energy Information W1A25
Beijing Dayang controlled research center W4F07 times
Mould Co., Ltd. Beijing Oriental W1B06
Beijing Controls Equipment Co., Ltd. W4F51 high standard
Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Hailin W1D71
Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Good Times W4G22 Lee
Beijing and Shanghai Yi Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. E1D04
Beijing Air China Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. W2G15 Refine
Beijing Huadu Mao China Polyurethane Co., Ltd. E1C73
Total fat, low-temperature Beijing Huaneng Technology Co., Ltd. E1G16
Beijing Hua Sheng Sanyou Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. W3A01
Beijing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Central, are artificial W3E21
Beijing gold air conditioning refrigeration equipment Peoples limited liability company W1K81
Beijing Jinxing Jia Industry Products Co., Ltd. W4B71
Beijing Jinghua Machinery Co., Ltd. E1G06 Pike polymerization
Beijing Jingcheng Polygala Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E2C30
Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. E1C07 Long Runda
Beijing force W4B41 Fengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Beijing Power Tool Co., Ltd. W4B03 God
Jie Xun Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Joint W2A21
Beijing Xing Cheng Chi Union Equipment Co., Ltd. E1G17
Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. W4G25 U.S. Derui
Mingyu win Beijing Union Technology Development Co., Ltd. W2G07
Beijing Jia Wei Tuo Industry Co., Ltd. W3B48
Beijing Continental Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. W2C15 Genesis
New features for fans, Ltd. W4B67 Beijing
Beijing Asia are new and Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. E2E91
Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Albert Island W3C43
Beijing Science and Technology W1C08 Inchcape
Beijing Hualong revitalization W3B71 Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhicheng Feng Network Technology Co., Ltd. W1F04 letter
Beijing Zhixin Road Consulting E1A07
The vast mass of Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. W1C04
Beijing China Quality Certification Center Co., Ltd. through the cold W1H81
Control Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Green W3B26 neutral
Homestead Industrial Exhibition Co., Ltd. of Beijing W2A04
Beijing Sino-Thai Union Chemical Co., Ltd. E2B46 days
Beijing Olympic in the control valve device Zhu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E2C19
Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. W1E01 living Fair
Bailette Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. W3D71
Bitzer Refrigeration Technology (China) Co., Ltd. E1F81
Co., Ltd. will be up to W3F46
Binken Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. W3B89
Binzhou City, Xin Meng and Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E2C26
Bole Wutehemu precision strip Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. E1D08
Blog Compressors (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Office W1F70
Bosch Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. W2E41
Changsha Network Information Technology Co. W1A05 Xuan
Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou Ai Muji E1E08
Level Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Ada W2B02
Light Chemical Co., Ltd. Chaoyang W3E28
Chaozhou ring (Group) Co., Ltd. E2F47
Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu Boweitesi W2B33
Chuzhou Yangtze will be central air conditioning, Ltd. W2D71 Wei
Biography special plate heat exchanger (Beijing) Co., Ltd. W1D43
Chong Mai Precision Metal Forming (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. W1G10
Cixi Electric Appliance Factory W3B08 Gini
Ming Xuan Electric Co., Ltd. Cixi W4F09
Cixi City Tianyuan Daly Electronics Factory W1F11
Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Cixi W1B25 and Georgia
Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. W2F51
Dalian Zhao Xing Shipping Co., Ltd. E2F44 duct
Danfoss (Shanghai) Automation Co., Ltd. E1F91
Fu Mao-Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. E1F91 condensing unit
丹纳赫西特 sensor industrial control (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. W3A30
Germany STUV Ltd. W1F73
Klingenberg, Germany Shanghai Representative Office W1F82
Germany Lawson Ventilation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W1F93
Germany Ou Muke Built Environment Technology Co., Ltd. E2C49
De Kesuo W1G83 Shanghai Office Secretary
Deqing Zhenda Electric Co., Ltd. W4A68
Testo Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W1F91
Dongguan New Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. W1D51
Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Dongguan Chi letter E1E07
All Thai W1G14
Duquesne (Wuhan) Insulation Material Co., Ltd. W3D41
Dukensuosi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W3D41 air distribution system
Dayton Dayton Power Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou W4C71
Foshan Hualian up air purification equipment Factory W3E08
Foshan City, Kuwait refrigerating plant E1F01
Foshan Nanhai Lishui General Machinery Factory E2B61
Foshan Nanhai Lifeng Machine Co., Ltd. W4E91
Foshan Nanhai Nanyang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. W2B07
Ying, Dali, Nanhai District, Foshan City, and industrial axis brush factory W4D09
Foshan Shi Quanhua U.S. Aluminum Co., Ltd. E2B42
Foshan Nanhai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. E2F29 cutting-edge
Nanhai, Foshan City, according to Tyco Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. W4D67
Climb up to the ventilation Foshan Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E2E27
Foshan Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. W4G81 Pan Homestead
Foshan City Shunde District, Feng Ming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. W4F47
Foshan City Shunde District, special ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. Hong E2E50
Shunde Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. W4E70 Health Ji
Foshan City Shunde District Branch Creator Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. W1E05 hot and cold
Foshan Shunde Sheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. W4E68 London
Foshan City Shunde District Extension ball out new air-conditioning heat pump Industrial Co., Ltd. W2E04
Foshan City Shunde District, Bao Wen Foam Technology Co., Ltd. E1C04
Foshan Xin Lei Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. W1E04
Sok Hua Electronics Co., Ltd. Foshan W1G16
Foshan days Arrow Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. W4F03
Fu Sheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W2B41
High-power Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. E2F40
Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangdong Fennikezi W2G51
Guangdong Midea Consumer Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. W4G51
Guangdong Midea Commercial Air Conditioning Equipment Co. W2D61
Westinghouse Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Guangdong W2A09 Kangda
Guangzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. W4F48 this giant
Guangzhou Kang U.S. Wind Equipment Co., Ltd. W4K91 NC
Filter Co., Ltd. Guangzhou hui long E2F89
Guangzhou to Di Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. W3C47
Guangzhou Ke Wang Refrigeration Material Co., Ltd. W4E25
Easy Public Aluminum Co., Ltd. Guangzhou W4F65
Silver Guangzhou Air Conditioning Equipment Co. W3B46 Ling
Guangzhou Yong Ya air ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. W4G26
Building Material Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jukko E2A50
Guangzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. E2G16 clean water
Consulting Co., Ltd. Guangzhou speed in the letter "clean technology and equipment procurement guidelines" W2A02
Guangzhou Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. W2B04 Theodore
Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. W1B12 new era
Guangzhou Ling (Fogang) Controls W3D31
Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Guangzhou E2E46 Ratios
Korea Trade Center (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Beijing Representative Office) W1E38
Hanke Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd. W4F42
Refrigerant Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yi Erke E2C45
Shi Electrical Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Flying E2C46
Hangzhou Fuming Refrigeration Co., Ltd. W4G90
Hong Tai Electric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou W3B49
Hao Eastern Europe (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. W1C53 heating
Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. W3E41
GEA PHE Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. E1K91
GEA Refrigeration Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. E1K91
Ford Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan 100 E1F21
Jinan Pepsi Tech Co., Ltd. E1D03
Jinan Tim Albert Automation Technology Co., Ltd. W3F44 East
Thinking Electronic Co., Ltd. Jinan core E2D27
Armstrong Canada Ltd. Shanghai Office W4G41
Canada shwebo Controls W3E43
Best High Company (China Liaison Office) E1B04
Huacheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiaxing W4F30
Jiaxing W3C26 Tongtai Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen City, East United Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. E2D25
Control Instrument Co., Ltd. Jiangsu W4F66 Mr. Aggarwal
Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Bodley W1G82
Jiang Su Baoxin Air conditioning Co., Ltd. W2E03
Aluminum Co., Ltd. Jiangsu often W3F31
Jiangsu Chunlan Import & Export Co., Ltd. W2B01
Precision Copper Tube Co., Ltd., Jiangsu and Crafts Long W4E07
General Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Furama E2E28
Snow Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Golden W3E01
Air conditioning Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Shuangliang W2F61
Jiangsu Shunda Thermal Power Material Co., Ltd. W3E02
Jiang Su Tianshu Electric Co., Ltd. W1B38
Jiangsu Wanli Machinery Co., Ltd. w4b50
Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. Jiangsu, the only benefit W1D21
Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E1E31
Kun-Lin Refrigeration Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W2B71
Music Star air-conditioning system (Shandong) Co., Ltd. W2D21
Lei Bo Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W3B95
Power Suolan Te (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. W1D41 insulation materials
Lilaisenma Electrical Technology (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. W3F61
Maple Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing W2G81
Nanjing Jie Technology Co., Ltd. E1F08 to geo-environment
Nanjing King Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd. W4G15 Code
Nanjing Jinling Refrigeration Equipment Ltd. E2E31
Jun Du Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing E1H86
Spring Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing Rui W2A05
Ningbo East Dragon Electronic Co., Ltd W1E03
Air-conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. Ningbo sail along E2B45
HVAC media W1C43
LUVATA Heat Exchanger (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. W1G61
LUVATA heat exchange system (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. W1G61
Orwell Air Conditioning (China) Co., Ltd. W2D41
Parker Hannifin Fluid Power Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W4F71
Puyang City Wei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. E2E43
FLIR thermal imaging system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W1D08
Asada Co., Ltd. W4F27
Qingcheng Ltd. W4G43
Qingzhou Eastern Refrigeration Equipment Factory E2A19
Valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be Swiss clearing W3E26
Qing Li Industrial Co., Ltd. W4D66
Qingyuan central air-conditioning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W3F06
Quzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. W3G06 Rong Qiang
Rui Fu Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. E2B47
Rui Shifu Pakistan Automation Co., Ltd. China Branch W1G28
Skandia Logistics Equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. W1G83
Resources Link (Tianjin) Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. W4G29
Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastics Co., Ltd. W4E06
Sanhe Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. with fly W3B47
Three flower Danfoss (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. E1G81 microchannel heat exchanger
MLC Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W2G71
Three (Changzhou) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. W3A46
3 Development of cold-source technology equipment (Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd. E1B61
Townsend (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. W1G71
Sunair (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. W4A52 gas sensor
Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. E1J81 on Haibo Te
Saint Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tide E2E21
Shanghai Jing Chong Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. W3G71
Shanghai Instrument Co., Ltd. W3G12 long resistance
Shanghai Jun Yue Refrigeration Components Co., Ltd. W4E44 Controls
The Hai Ke Mau Machinery Co., Ltd. E1D61
Front Electric Co., Ltd. on Haike resistant E2E71
Shanghai Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Complete eveready E1F04
Automotive Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ville W1A02
Jia Wei of Shanghai Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd. W1D09
Shangyu Hongfeng Air Valve Co., Ltd. W4D04
Refrigeration Co., Ltd. Shangyu Hongrun W4F46
Shenzhen McQuay Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. W3D61
Shenzhen General Technology Co., Ltd. W2A07 Pike heat recovery
Deep Blue Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen W3G27
World Advertising Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, "China Refrigeration" E1A02
Shenzhen, China-Australia Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. W3G51
Shenzhen Air Automation System Co., Ltd. W3A48
Shenyang Dahua Dahua Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Refrigerating Equipment Factory E2E81
Shenya, ng East thermal heating air conditioning and cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. W1A09
Shenyang Jin Chenwei Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. W1G20 heating
Shenyang Machine Co., Ltd. E1H83 a cold freezer
Suzhou Wilk telecommunications Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E2D07
Kangda Electric Co., Ltd. Suzhou Yi E1A21
More extending Suzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. W4B06 Hella
Suzhou Oak Micro Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E2F30
Suzhou Jiffy Micro Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. W2E05
Suzhou High Copper Tube Co., Ltd. E2F75 too
Suzhou Asia Technology Co., Ltd. E1A13
Taizhou Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. E2D26 Samsung evaporator
Taizhou Bridge Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. W4B44 Xuefeng
Green M & E Co., Ltd. Taizhou W4A15
Taizhou Murray Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E1F35 Music
Pipe Co., Ltd. Taizhou Treasures W4G65
Ryder Air conditioning Co., Ltd. Taizhou billion W2G31
Master Section Capacitor Co., Ltd. Taizhou E2F48
Regal Copper Co., Ltd. Taicang W4F49
British Master Air Material Co., Ltd. Taicang E2F75
Pacific Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. E2C25
Taiyuan Ji Sheng Da Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E1F03
Taixing Fine Penguin Refrigeration Equipment Factory E1G33 record
Taizhou City, China Sea Trading Company W4B91
Cold Chain Co., Ltd. Taizhou southerly E1G10
Taizhou Yuhua Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E1E15
Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. Taizhou Yuanwang W1D07
Taizhou Easton Banya Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. E1G61
Ventilation ventilation network W3E21 Business Digest
GE Sensing Detection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W4G32
Artificial Environment Co., Ltd. W3F91 with the side
Figure Bo Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W1G12
Figure Kai Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. E1D71
Properly thought air conditioning (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. W1F53
10000 East (Hong Kong) Limited W4C26
Best Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi Branch W4G16
No Xi Longda Metal Material Co., Ltd. E2E26
No Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. W4G02 Xiluo Te
Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. Wuxi Sally E2B43
Wuxi Sheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. W2G61 Darfur
Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. W3D51
West Middle (Tianjin) Motor Co., Ltd. E1C31
Rui Changxing, Zhejiang Shangyu Valve Factory W1A10
Ling Hua Instrument Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou E1E03
Refrigeration W1F21
Zhong Cheng Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. E2F75
China Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation E1H88
Electrical Trade Network W1B21 China
China Building Standard Design & Research Institute W3G14
Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy E1D05
China Renewable Energy Association Ground Source Heat Pump Professional Group W1E07
China Meat Association E1A04
China Designer Web W3G04
China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association W1E51
Chinese Association of Refrigeration W1F21
Blue Sky Group Co., Ltd. Sinochem W4J91
Sinochem Ningbo (Group) Co., Ltd. W4B51
Sino-US joint venture Eagle Sport Star Chemical Co., Ltd. W4C83
Ammonia Valve Co., Ltd. E1E06 South Jiaozuo
Gateway Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Central E2G20
Air conditioning Co., Ltd Zhongshan Huawei Ji Sheng E2C61
Sen Industry Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Ogilvy & Mather W4B08
Zhongshan Bei Ning Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. E2G33
Zhongshan Metal Co., Ltd. W4C49 loggerhead
Zhongshan Branch Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. W4C30 high power
Zhongshan City Road Extension Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. E2B52 thinking
Zhongshan Shang Fang Instrument Meter Co., Ltd. E1A05
Zhongshan City, One Technology Co., Ltd. energy saving than One W3C06
Zhongshan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. W2G04 SEARS
Sino-foreign joint development of air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. Ningbo macro W3A91
Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. joint venture in Ningbo Xinlong W1B23
Central People's Radio City Voice W1C41
Italian Knight Beverly compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. E1D71
Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment Co. W2B15 Chongqing Jialing
Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing limay W1F84
Chongqing Machinery Co., Ltd. W1E32 Pan up
E1G51 Saginomiya Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. W2F81
Zhuhai's Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. W4D21
Air-conditioner Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhuji Haohai E2F63
Thatcher can Electrical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. W1C31
Energy-saving air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. Zibo Bright Debut, Bearing W4E26

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